Tik Tok Live Streaming & Purchasing 12/18/2020

Walmart and TikTok are producing a QVC type buying experience together. Walmart will host a one-hour live webcast on TikTok, during which some popular TikTok creators will show off clothing from Walmart. People can buy the merchandise without leaving the app.

From the Walmart site:

This first-of-its-kind livestream shopping experience will take place this Friday, Dec. 18 at 8 p.m. EST on the Walmart profile page on TikTok. That’s when 10 TikTok creators, including Michael Le (@justmaiko), who is loved for his creative dances and is one of TikTok’s most followed users with nearly 43 million followers, and other creators on the rise will come together for a one hour shoppable variety show, called the “Holiday Shop-Along Spectacular.”

Not sure how the buying will go. Will it require typing tiny letters into tiny boxes? Or, a purchasing app?

Yes, this is the Walmart almost purchase deal with TikTok. Maybe they are trying before buying.

Live Streaming for Wellness Professionals

Hi friends,

“Your service is guiding a client through a first video endeavor from start to finish. You took the fear out of my hesitation to do video. Yes, it was a lot of work for us to write the content and present but we wouldn’t look good without your skills, patience, and compassion. “

Presenter #1 was in Fresno, California. Presenter #2 was in Alameda, California, 206 miles away. Behind the scenes, in San Francisco, (12 miles from Alameda)

I was operating the whole production: graphics, music, intro, video, live on Zoom, Facebook and YouTube all at the same time to their audience. ***** Because of the C-19 quarantine I wasn’t able to shoot the demo videos, but I coached my clients on how to do it. ***** Enjoy!

This is session 3 out of 3. Please check out the public Facebook group: “Learning to be Centered During Challenging Times” for all three parts.

Here’s what my clients, Denise Cicuto Acupuncture and Kate Jones, Somatic Body Centered Therapist said:

“Alison is kind, thorough, & professional. She is also compassionate and patient which helped so much because my colleague Kate and I are so new to video. Alison delivered the final versions of our videos very quickly. We kept saying Alison is a rock star at what she does. Maybe it would be more precise to say that Alison is a rock who made us shine like stars.”

“What you promised me when we first discussed ‘playing’ with video is what you delivered – a seamless video presentation with captions and subtitles and slides and music. It all looked great to us.”

Contact me: info@alisonvictor.com, and let’s get you streaming!

Set up a single shop across Facebook and Instagram, Customers can buy in real time during live streams, and MORE…

Images of Facebook shopping on a cell phone screen

New this week (for people who sell physical items)!

Businesses will be able to set up a single online store  that will be a unified presence for customers to seamlessly experience your shop across Facebook + Instagram + Stories + ads ( with plans to include Messenger + WhatsApp).

This means that your viewers can also shop in REAL TIME while you are STREAMING LIVE on Facebook and Instagram! This also means customer service, tracking, inventory – all will be available via Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp.

Partnerships have been established with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and several more sites. Let’ say you already have a Shopify store, you can import your inventory/collections into Facebook Shops. (But don’t trade in one for another – keep your platform you’re on….it’s better to diversify in case of outage, or tech issues, or ??)

Facebook is rolling this out in the USA now on Facebook. By Summer 2020, if you already have a business page on Instagram, you’ll get an email from Facebook telling you they’ve converted you over.

HERE’S AN EXPLAINER VIDEO FROM FACEBOOK: for business owners who want to jump on this now.

Social Media, Video Marketing & Live Streaming News


FACEBOOK – in its bid to compete with ZOOM , has now released Messenger Rooms! Perhaps this is a response to the ZOOM privacy controversy and the need for Yoga Studios, Dance studios, Teachers, everyone needing a Zoom-Like system.

Messenger Rooms hold up to 50 people at a time. It should be free to use (though you may have to pay for additions, like sharing features for a fee – not known at this time). There is no set time limit on Messenger Rooms.

People can join even if they don’t have a Facebook account.


You can share out your invite with a link from Messenger, no downloading needed for the viewers! The viewer can join by sharing through groups, events, or personal profile! You can start Messenger Room & let people in and private room join. You will be able to do this from Instagram, and the Facebook Portal, too. The viewer will just click a link and …you’re in! Then you can have effects, bunny ears and mouse noses…360’s and mood lighting.

When you create a room you can choose to see who can join you. You can remove people, and lock a room, mute all attendees. It is not clear yet if the sharing screen could be something you pay for, or if it is built in.

Messenger Rooms is rolling out in some countries this week…rest of the world in the coming weeks.

LIVE WITH – was a program that was retired, and now it is BACK! This is so you can go live with video by phone only (no other gear) and you could do a phone interview and spread the Live with your audience and theirs. Can connect on the phone ONLY, and have live conversations

Live with Facebook PAGES: you can now go live with a profile! For example: I can go LIVE with (my profile) but you can’t add another page through LIVE WITH.

Facebook’s PORTAL is a Facebook camera that is on a stand and allows you to video call with another user. The camera automatically follows you around,. You don’t need a mic – there’s one built in. NOW, you will be able to go live from the Portal, too! You can do the live from there to profiles, but now you can go to live to your page and group.

Businesses can now Charge for live streams. This is happening in EVENTS, so when you create events you have an option to go live from there. Your strategy model should be that you give away free content (downloads, pdf’s, free lives to offer some value to answer pain points your customers have (FAQ), then have a paid workshops . Facebook hasn’t announced if they will charge for this service.

NEW: Audio only option: Facebook are making it easier to access live video so you can still join in if you are having Internet issues. Say you have buffering problems, or not enough data to watch a live. The audience will then be able to turn on AUDIO ONLY as a viewer, so you don’t use up a lot of data and bandwidth with the video, but you can hear using your phone. The pages in Facebook shares the toll free number to your audience for you. I, as a page, can share that number Facebook gives me – I don’t have to set anything up! This is found In Facebook Producer, and is available now.

STARS: This is a way to financially support more creators in Facebook! These are super chats where you can support your creator by donation. The creators earn 1 cent for 1 star. Facebook live is adding donation button to Facebook LIVE. Instead of sending people off to donate somewhere else, it will be integrated into Facebook live!!!

Instagram LIVE UPDATE! Now, as a content producer, you get a link, so you share and promote commenting on Instagram videos from a Desktop. Instagram LIVE usually disappears after 24 hours from your profile, but now you can share that video to LIVE on IGTV. They are promising that they will make it “easier for finding for viewers.” Currently, there is no expiration for IGTV videos!

Now is the time to shift your business! Now is a good time to look at new ways to create business that will help you survive through this C19 time, and set you up for future financial models. You have a BIG opportunity online NOW. I am happy to help guide you in this mission! Contact me:

Alison.Victor@gmail.com, Instagram: @avmultimedia, Twitter: @AVMultimedia