Wild Words Writing Workshop Goes International~

Blank“Blank” by Thomas Dwyer is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Friendship across the miles, across space and time, no borders or barriers! Wild Words goes live in the UK!

I met Sofia B. on an online class. Why not update skills while in C19 lockdown, right?

We keep encouraging each other to keep pursuing our dreams. Due to the 9 hour difference, we communicated via Instant messaging and audio messages. (What a beautiful accent – I could listen to her read academic books and it’d still sound like poetry to me~)

This past weekend, I got up extremely early for her time zone so I could meet with Sofia and her friends in the UK for a beautiful and liberating writing weekend. We met in my online room, played storytelling games to get our creativity juices going, and then, we wrote together for 90 minutes, three days in a row. Here’s what was said:

Thank you so much Alison, I really enjoyed this weekend workshop.  You made me feel so at home, and you also felt like ‘one of us’!  The poems you chose were beautiful and very inspirational.  It was a pleasure to write from them.  This sort of course is very special.  It makes a huge difference when one can feel free to write anything and then read it out and be ‘heard’.  The space you made for us felt very safe and it was so lovely to hear the writing of all of you.  Wonderfully deep and interesting.  I really loved too that it was over three days.  That makes a difference, with time in between sessions to reflect and process.  And then another day to look forward to!  I also loved that you also wrote and read your work, really made it feel like we were all in it together.

This is why I have created these courses. I’m not a sage on a stage, but a leader in soul stirring, helping wake up the inner writer in you.

This is a place to meet yourself on paper, be bold, adventurous and not be judged, but held, and listened to.

Join us! Stay tuned for more upcoming dates!

Write to me: info@AlisonVictor.com if you have questions. =^. .^=