My Wild Punk Rock Past…

Music was the heart and soul of my family.  Grandma was a Broadway singer and belter. My mother was her piano accompaniment. 

Since I was 5 years old, I yearned for strings and distortion pedals, driving power of drums, bass and amps turned up to 11…

Some of the bands I performed with:

The Guttersluts, a pop punk group of feminists, who wanted to take the word “slut” back and make the word empowering for sluts everywhere. 

The Gargoyles SF, 1970’s style punk

Angry Samoans, The legendary first famous punk rock band from California.  I joined once they were quite established.

  • The Guttersluts
  • The Gargoyles
  • Metal Mike, Alison and Julia (Angry Samoans’ singer’s side project)
  • The White Trash Debutantes
  • Lead guitarist, Agnes Young in the AC/DC tribute band, AC/Dshe
    and many more….

Have a listen to some songs here:

And here:


5 women posing on the ground, a wall of graffiti behind them.
The Guttersluts!!!  L-R: Alison Wonderslam Slut, Jill Starchylde Slut, Suzannarama Slut, Jessica Macadangdang de la Slut, and Tami Teener McSlut. We are SO cute here!  
Dr. Suess is Satan was a #1 hit on KROQ (with DJ Rodney on the Roq) in Los Angeles for 15 weeks.
Black background, with The Guttersluts band name in red, drippy writing, and a white skeleton hand going across the chest grabbing at a boob.
A skeleton hand grabbing the wearer’s left boob.
Metal Mike, Alison & Julia. Metal Mike singer/songwriter from The Angry Samoans, Alison from The Guttersluts & The Gargoyles, Julia from the Gargoyles SF
Drunk looking Slash wearing a Guttersluts t-shirt while laying down on a bed, cigarette in his mouth.
Slash from Guns & Roses was a fan of the Guttersluts and wore our famous “skeleton hand grabbing boob” t-shirt.
Another 45 we made together, Surf City or Bust…


I officially joined the band for this album: “The 90’s Suck and So Do You.” That’s me in purple, as usual, looking pissed off at Mike. 

Metal Mike from the Angry Samoans asked me to perform on these cover tunes: Deck the Halls and S & M Party. (Sorry, Redd Kross!) This version of Deck the Halls is dumb dumb rock at its best!

Metal Mike from the Angry Samoans, Alison from The Guttersluts & The Gargoyles SF, Julia from The Gargoyles SF
Two girls. One plays bass, the other guitar.
The Guttersluts @ Marsugis, downtown San Jose.  We opened for Nirvana and L7 at this show.