Trailer for My Documentary About How Embedded Racism Shapes the Lives of Black People in America

This summer I became a student of many writers, poets, academics and listened. Intently. About Racism.

This is a clip from my forthcoming documentary. (1:39 seconds).

Check out Rachel Cargle, (, and check out her Patreon for interesting readings and interviews).

I attended online talks by The Anti-Racist Table, and took part in their 30-day anti-racism meditation/writing journals to integrate theory into life. My soul.

I listened to Buddhist Oren Jay Sofar, checked out Stanford’s Conscious Anti-Racism talks. I read Bell Hooks, Ijeoma Oluo, and more. Then Listened to the Dear White Women Podcast, the Hello White People Podcast, 99%invisible, Freakonomics…and many, many more. Discussions about Racism is of the Zeitgeist – and that is a good thing.

Questions came up to be answered, but mostly, I listened.

My friend from college days has two Black sons who are college age. She aches everyday not knowing if they will be killed while walking or driving while black, or, being in the wrong place at the wrong time. SHE IS EXHAUSTED. It is because of Liz I entered this study – because she, rightly so, said:” Please don’t make Black People teach you White People your own damn history!”

Racism is not a Black People problem. It is a White People problem when we talk about race.

It has been an incredibly heart-breaking journey. Many tears were shed. A lot of introspection is needed by everyone to look at:

  • How do we know what we know?
  • what messages about “The Other” have we received and why do we believe it?
  • Where are my biases? How did they become real to me? Are they real?
  • Mythbusting, history reckoning. It is hard work, but you have to do the work. Yes, YOU.
  • It’ll be worth it. I promise.

  • All of my resources will be available in a list soon.

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