Live Streaming for Wellness Professionals

Hi friends,

“Your service is guiding a client through a first video endeavor from start to finish. You took the fear out of my hesitation to do video. Yes, it was a lot of work for us to write the content and present but we wouldn’t look good without your skills, patience, and compassion. “

Presenter #1 was in Fresno, California. Presenter #2 was in Alameda, California, 206 miles away. Behind the scenes, in San Francisco, (12 miles from Alameda)

I was operating the whole production: graphics, music, intro, video, live on Zoom, Facebook and YouTube all at the same time to their audience. ***** Because of the C-19 quarantine I wasn’t able to shoot the demo videos, but I coached my clients on how to do it. ***** Enjoy!

This is session 3 out of 3. Please check out the public Facebook group: “Learning to be Centered During Challenging Times” for all three parts.

Here’s what my clients, Denise Cicuto Acupuncture and Kate Jones, Somatic Body Centered Therapist said:

“Alison is kind, thorough, & professional. She is also compassionate and patient which helped so much because my colleague Kate and I are so new to video. Alison delivered the final versions of our videos very quickly. We kept saying Alison is a rock star at what she does. Maybe it would be more precise to say that Alison is a rock who made us shine like stars.”

“What you promised me when we first discussed ‘playing’ with video is what you delivered – a seamless video presentation with captions and subtitles and slides and music. It all looked great to us.”

Contact me:, and let’s get you streaming!