Streaming Media Service

Why produce a live stream video?  

This is your calling card and your face to the public. Your presentation reflects who you are, and how your clients will perceive you.  Blue Jeans, Zoom, and Skype are great for meetings. What those platforms lack is production values and storytelling capabilities! We’ll help you create an outstanding presentation using the latest technologies, high touch service, high production value, at an affordable cost.

Can’t I stream to Facebook or YouTube myself?   Yes, you can!  The difference is: can produce TV-like productions – remotely – for your business! 

Here’s the breakdown of what I can add to your recorded video or live stream: 


  • Develop concept 
  • Discover production end goals, and stream quality levels
  • Scripting assistance
  • Cameras/Mics analysis
  • Select shots:  presenter can be solo, or have guests similar to news programs
  • Social Media comments can be included live in the stream for guests and viewers to see (includes thumbs up and heart comments)

Production elements: 

  • Graphics
    • “Lower third” titles just like you’d see on TV News
    • Animation
    • Add photos, PDF’s, PowerPoint or Keynote slides 
    • Show websites, news articles, magazine articles – anything online (with permission)
  • Demonstrate on white board within the screen 
  • Add pre-recorded videos to your broadcast
  • Conduct live video interviews with as many as 5 remote guests via Skype, or interviews by Zoom, etc
  • Play (legal) music and sound effects (such as applause) in your broadcast
  • Green screen 
  • Video Editing services

Let’s talk about your presentation to make it go from Zoom to BOOOOM!

“Alison is kind, thorough, & professional. She is also compassionate and patient which helped so much because my colleague Kate and I are so new to video. Alison delivered the final versions of our videos very quickly. We kept saying Alison is a rock star at what she does. Maybe it would be more precise to say that Alison is a rock who made us shine like stars.” – Denise C., acupuncturist, 2020

“Video is an immediate, excellent state-of-the-art, time efficient service. It offers the warmest channel of communication; it hits the gut and the heart. This is going to be the standard mode of communication going forward, and businesses should jump on it.  Live streaming curated video is probably the highest form of media communication, any business could do now. The benefits of polished live video is it will engage your audience and provide long-lasting value. This kind of communication develops trust in the presenters, helps me to be seen as a thought leader in my space, and establishes my authority. Additionally this service encourages social engagement.  – Kate J, client, 2020