The Gift Of Wild Words

Earlier this month, I gave away a Wild Words Weekend Intensive class to several people across the USA and it was just as special as I knew it could be.

We had a pastor, a body worker, a mediator, an acupuncturist, a singer and an office manager – people from San Francisco, Chicago and Ashland, Oregon, all on a Zoom Room, all strangers.

Within the first day, we were very intimate support for each other. THIS is the magic of being open to the Wild Words process.

We write to heal ourselves, not to perform for others. This practice is to help you get to what is “truth” – for you.

The more daring you are on the page, the more it makes it ok for others in group to feel ok about being vulnerable.

Look on the Wild Words page for the schedule!


sun setting over the desert
Arizona has the most beautiful sunsets I’ve witnessed; full of Sky-blue pink with orange hues. It’s different every day.  <3

Hello, world!

I have a Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree in Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts.

I’ve made a few award-winning documentaries, dabble in photography, and stay current with social media marketing with video.

I have worked in live video streaming to to gaming consoles, YouTube Facebook, and more platforms as well as a Global Corporation you’ve heard of.

I also teach a “Wild Words” Workshop, to help people access their thoughts, feelings and ideas.  No writing experience necessary.

Join us!