Facebook is copying Clubhouse and making room for podcasts!

Is Facebook becoming a copycat? They are now offering an audio only service similar to the wildly successful Clubhouse App.

Looks like the future of social media platforms is ALL TALK.

Clubhouse, the most well known audio only social media platform, has rapidly grown in 2020/1. It’s success is in large part due to its “VIP” must-be-invited first engagement.

What’s proved to be of value in this service is being able to listen in to people talking while multitasking, but more importantly, because it is audio only, the discussions are deeper, and arguably more meaningful.

For example, I was listening into a room created by Black people for Black people to discuss how to protect themselves from the police in their everyday lives. I have never been privy to such a conversation in any other space, with such intimacy and immediacy.

One of the featured speakers in the room, Ashawn from Boston, was waiting for an Uber and speaking when suddenly, all 300 of us in the room heard sirens and yelling as Ashawn was getting harrassed by police – while being featured on Clubhouse. In that moment, all of us were living his 20-year-old in black skin experience. We were silent, audio-witnessing this frankly rude exchange from the cops to this kid. We were all terrified for him and wondering what would happen next.

Ashawn had presence of mind to let the police officers know that he is on a business call with 300 listeners on Clubhouse, just so they know they may be overheard. Eventually, the cops left him, but Ashawn was so scared they’d return, we could hear him running home, and crying when he got into his home.

Everyone on that call experienced PTSD from that exchange, no doubt.

Can Facebook also offer that kind of space with their audio only platform?

Their platform is also making space for audio podcasters. The roll out is coming soon, so watch this space. Meanwhile, here’s how it will look:


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