Set up a single shop across Facebook and Instagram, Customers can buy in real time during live streams, and MORE…

New this week (for people who sell physical items)!

Businesses will be able to set up a single online store  that will be a unified presence for customers to seamlessly experience your shop across Facebook + Instagram + Stories + ads ( with plans to include Messenger + WhatsApp).

This means that your viewers can also shop in REAL TIME while you are STREAMING LIVE on Facebook and Instagram! This also means customer service, tracking, inventory – all will be available via Messenger, Instagram Direct or WhatsApp.

Partnerships have been established with Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce and several more sites. Let’ say you already have a Shopify store, you can import your inventory/collections into Facebook Shops. (But don’t trade in one for another – keep your platform you’re on….it’s better to diversify in case of outage, or tech issues, or ??)

Facebook is rolling this out in the USA now on Facebook. By Summer 2020, if you already have a business page on Instagram, you’ll get an email from Facebook telling you they’ve converted you over.

HERE’S AN EXPLAINER VIDEO FROM FACEBOOK: for business owners who want to jump on this now.

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